Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev 

Fac. of Sociology

BA "Comparative Sociology of Europe" (Prof. Kutsenko)


Tourism as a journey through time with a return ticket


Prof. Dr. Hasso Spode

  Technische Universität Berlin, HAT, Hardenbergstr. 16-18, D-10623  Berlin




The birth of the romantic (i.e. tourist) gaze at nature and history:





A basic but not a reason: the tansport revolutions:




Tourism is not = travel (although in English often mixed). Tourism is a special form of travel (or horizontal mobility, resp.), namely travel without a real purpose. It is consumption of spaces, symbols and experiences.  The birth of tourism in 18th century Europe is a result of a new concept of time in face of the acceleration of the social development, the so-called "progess". While enlightenment praised the progess, romanticism condemmed it. In this connection a new view on the "nature" emerged; it turmed from an enemy into a friend.  The lecture erxplains this novel, typically European form of travel into "the nature" and "the past". In addition - if there is  enough time - it gives an overview of the rise of tourism from an elite practice to a global mass phenomenon.


Further reading (Internet only):

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